3 reasons why rugby players should wear a scrum cap


Governing body World Rugby make it very clear that the purpose of a rugby headguard is to prevent cuts and abrasions. There is no medical evidence to suggest wearing a rugby scrum cap prevents concussion.

But there are still 3 very good reasons rugby players should wear a headguard.


1. Rugby Scrum Caps can prevent lacerations and abrasions

Us rugby players are a curious breed. We will put our head where it hurts for the greatness of our team.

Our head is a precious thing and we only have one, so why wouldn’t we want to ensure we give it a little protection.

The head typically has less flesh than many other parts of the body. That means many blood vessels are close to the surface. Just a small cut or abrasion can cause profuse bleeding.

Wearing a rugby head guard when playing rugby can help absorb, deflect and spread the forces of many of the impacts that can result in cuts or abrasions to the head.

Rugby injury head laceration

2. Rugby Scrum Caps can prevent cauliflower ears

cauliflower ears

Ears akin to the Graham Rowntree look is one of an acquired taste. Years of packing down at the coalface of rugby have taken its toll of his otherwise boyish good looks 😉

The continuous traumas and healing of the ear cartilage cause the ear to deform. Upon impact fluids are drawn to the ear to offer protection. If the fluid isn’t drained it hardens and the ear becomes deformed. From here the only solution is surgery.

Rugby headguards offer the best prevention of cauliflower ears, and also the best all-round protection against further ear damage, like the ear tear shown here.

3. Rugby Scrum Caps offer more protection than tape

Isn’t strange that players throughout the world are willing to protect their feet with the latest boots from adidas or Nike at the cost of £100 or more, yet they rely on a £1/€1/$1 roll of electrical insulation tape to protect their ears.

For sure the tape sticks your ears to the side of your head to prevent them getting hammered or even worse prevent a tear during a severe impact.

A rugby Scrum Cap offers all-enveloping head protection. The physical properties of impact absorbing foam offer far more protection than a bit of sticky tape.

Electrical insulation tape