Firepower Sport develops technology enhanced rugby scrum caps and head guards.

High-octane contact sports require the very best rugby protection. Firepower Sport designs rugby scrum caps and head guards to help keep you safe on the field and perform to your maximum potential. Our range includes the XVENT custom rugby scrum cap.



Keep a cool head in the heat of the battle with the Firepower Sport XVENT™ scrum cap.

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Athlete's can lose 10% of body heat through their head.


From idea - to production - to the field

XVENT is the world's first after-market custom scrum cap. And now we have BIG ambitions for Firepower Sport to launch a unique range of rugby gear with elite level appeal.

The product roadmap is loaded with uber-cool designs of rugby gear for athletes who like to win. For sure not all the ideas will make it to market. But thanks to a rapidly growing customer base we are able to continue designing the very best rugby gear.

You see, when you choose a Firepower Sport product we want you to have the confidence to be the best athlete that you can be.

We believe game preparation includes choosing the best rugby protection for the occasion.

The next time you run onto the pitch #POWERUP

We don’t improve one thing by 100%, we improve one hundred things by 1%.


How we run things.

Firepower Sport develops tech-enhanced rugby protection to help keep you safe on the field and perform to your maximum potential.

Through advances in technology and material science we develop products to improve your chances of gaining those ultra-fine margins that result in success.

We dive deep into medical research to unearth technologies to help reduce the chance of injury.

Our designers have worked with the biggest brands in sporting apparel. Now they are challenged with creating next-gen rugby protection for athletes just like you. #POWERUP

Headguard testing

Image courtesy of Rare Historical Photos

Technology has come a long way since the headguard testing methods of 1912.


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